Our Mission

To promote and generate increased tourism awareness through custom packaged tours centered around events all over the world, incentive tours, meeting and conferences.

Our History

A tour of is a unique adventure and taking the trip with Vacation Klub guarantees an intriguing journey, well planned by experts devoted to travel in Africa.

Vacation Klub is a full service tour company, based in New York city; we are devoted to the promotion of tours; in-depth tours of one country or a combo of various countries from Fits to groups ranging from 7 days to 21 days; other tours are planned specifically for cultural events around the world.

We also offer other services - visa processing, hotel reservations, car rental, media of the countries we promote, travel insurance and the Vacation Klub discount card. You will meet the people, the children, village elders, crafts men, the market mamas and the sophisticated city dwellers. Which ever tour you select, be assured of attention to detail. Each program is carefully researched and planned to provide you with the ultimate in enjoyment.

We offer the opportunity to visit and explore many worldwide destinations worldwide and experience the glories, exchange ideas, and make lifelong friendships.